Target Cartwheel Hot Toys Promotion

Welcome to one of the hottest Black Friday 2014 toy sales you’ll ever lay eyes on! So what’s the big deal? Target is currently offering 50% off a different toy every day through their free Cartwheel coupon mobile app. Cartwheel allows Target shoppers to receive the latest deals, on-the-go, right to their mobile phone, then stack their coupons and discounts on top of one another for added savings. For customers who don’t have a mobile phone, the Target website also provides access to Cartwheel so you can get all the same deals and benefits from your desktop instead.

This particular Target promotion, aptly named “Hot Toys For Cool Kids”, actually launched on Saturday November 1st, 2014 and will continue to serve up one great new toy deal every day all the way until Christmas Eve. Pound Puppies, Nerf Zombie Strike Sledgefire Blaster, and Planes Fire & Rescue Vehicles have been their featured deals since the promotion launched on Saturday. As part of the package Target is also providing a Target Wish List app for kids. This handy little app helps your kids build their Christmas wishlists for tracking potential gifts, and even features a 10% off coupon that you get when you download the app.

Cartwheel has some other added layers as well. As mentioned above, Target shoppers can combine any Cartwheel offer with in-store and manufacturer coupons (called “stacking”) to really take a serious bite out of the retail price of the item they want. For example, if you got this year’s Target Toy Catalog in the mail, you could also combine any Cartwheel offer with say, a 25% off any toy department item coupon to really augment your savings. 

And that’s not the end of the story… Target shoppers can also use their Target debit or credit REDcard to boost their savings even further. Target’s style of stacked savings is one of the many benefits that make it such a great place to shop –– especially during the Black Friday 2014 season.

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